John Derbyshire Considers His Future As A Zek In Cultural Marxist America

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Here on the Dissident Right, we try our best to keep our peckers up. If we were to believe that all is lost, that the game is up, that the National Question has been dispositively answered by the massed forces of Neoconnery and Cultural Marxism, there would be no point our continuing to write and speak in opposition.

And there are indeed some positive signs to cheer us, some lights flickering in the gloom. The central position we take here at—patriotic immigration reform—is widely popular, not just in the U.S.A. but all over the West. Surely such widespread popular feeling must find political expression sooner or later.

Important and respectable people have repudiated multiculturalism. And the horrible Obama clique may soon be gone.

True, what replaces them will not be much better, but it will be better. Dum spiro, spero—while we breathe, we hope.

Yet hoping is easier at some times than at others. I found it particularly difficult when reading about Business Insider‘s attack on Peter Brimelow and the similar Daily Kos attack triggered by Brimelow’s recent article on the “root causes” of the Sikh Temple Shootings.

To tell the truth, in fact, utter despair set in. I’ve been trying my best to talk myself out of it, with mixed success.

Imagine, if you can, a left-wing website promoting some aspects of Cultural Marxism (the normalization of homosexuality, for example) or actual Marxism (public ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange, perhaps) as vigorously as we at try to promote demographic stability and an end to official, legal racial favoritism. Imagine further that this left-wing website is owned by a person with a day job unrelated to the website’s main topics—an architect, say.

Now imagine that opponents of the website’s viewpoint are striving to discredit that owner with his employers, to get him fired. They are broadcasting the employers’ names and email addresses, urging others to join them in the effort.

Can you imagine any of that? Of course you can’t. It is not imaginable.

Who—who of any consequence—would think it discreditable for a person to run a website promoting Marxism, cultural or otherwise? Certainly you could never get anyone fired for such a thing; or if somehow you did, there would be an almighty uproar from the media, the academy, the Department of Justice, and all other points of the compass.

Yet here is just such an effort under way to get Peter Brimelow fired from his day job as a financial columnist. It is by no means inconceivable that the effort could succeed.

This is simply awful. Have we now reached a point where holding heterodox opinions on race or nationhood can get you fired from a job not related to those issues? 

Yes, we have.

We are slipping into totalitarianism: into a state Feed

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