Daily Kos Elections Polling Wrap: Midweek polls continue very bullish on President Obama

Wednesday, as it happened, provided absolutely zero salvation for Republicans who spent most of the early part of the week working feverishly to convince themselves that the bad polling they were seeing was simply some kind of large-scale conspiracy designed to trick people into thinking that Mitt Romney was losing, and dragging the bulk of the GOP down with him.

Indeed, all the poll “unskewers” and skeptics have left, predictably, is Rasmussen. And even Rasmussen, in all candor, has stopped making sense.

More on that after the jump. But, first, the numbers:


NATIONAL (Gallup Tracking): Obama 50, Romney 44

NATIONAL (Ipsos/Reuters Tracking): Obama 49, Romney 43 (LV); Obama 47, Romney 40 (RV)

NATIONAL (Rasmussen Tracking): Romney 48, Obama 46

NATIONAL (Selzer for Bloomberg): Obama 49, Romney 43

NATIONAL (YouGov): Obama 48, Romney 43

COLORADO (Gravis–R): Obama 50, Romney 46

FLORIDA (Insider Advantage/Majority Opinion Research): Obama 49, Romney 46

FLORIDA (Quinnipiac for CBS/NYT): Obama 52, Romney 43

IOWA (PPP): Obama 51, Romney 44

MARYLAND (Gonzales Research): Obama 55, Romney 36

MASSACHUSETTS (Rasmussen): Obama 55, Romney 40

MISSOURI (Chilenski Strategies for Missouri Scout): Romney 50, Obama 44

OHIO (Quinnipiac for CBS/NYT): Obama 53, Romney 43

PENNSYLVANIA (Franklin and Marshall): Obama 52, Romney 43 (LV); Obama 50, Romney 39 (RV)

PENNSYLVANIA (Quinnipiac for CBS/NYT): Obama 54, Romney 42


AZ-SEN (Anzalone-Liszt for the Carmona campaign): Jeff Flake (R) 44, Richard Carmona (D) 43, Marc Victor (L) 3

AZ-SEN (Rasmussen): Jeff Flake (R) 47, Richard Carmona (D) 41

CT-SEN (PPP): Chris Murphy (D) 48, Linda McMahon (R) 42

FL-SEN (Quinnipiac for CBS/NYT): Sen. Bill Nelson (D) 53, Connie Mack IV (R) 39

FL-SEN (Unidentified internal poll for the Mack campaign): Sen. Bill Nelson (D) 48, Connie Mack IV (R) 42

MD-SEN (Gonzales Research): Sen. Ben Cardin (D) 50, Daniel Bongino (R) 22, Rob Sobhani (I) 21

MO-SEN (Chilenski Strategies for Missouri Scout): Todd Akin (R) 48, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) 47

OH-SEN (Quinnipiac for CBS/NYT): Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) 50, Josh Mandel (R) 40

PA-SEN (Franklin and Marshall): Sen. Bob Casey (D) 48, Tom Smith (R) 38

PA-SEN (Quinnipiac for CBS/NYT): Sen. Bob Casey (D) 49, Tom Smith (R) 43

MO-GOV (Chilenski Strategies for Missouri Scout): Gov. Jay Nixon (D) 55, Dave Spence (R) 38

NH-GOV (Greenberg Quinlan Rosner for the NH Democratic Party): Maggie Hassan (D) 48, Ovide Lamontagne (R) 46

NY-24 (Grove Insight for the DCCC): Dan Maffei (D) 46, Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle (R) 38, Ursula Rozum (G) 7

PA-12 (Anzalone-Liszt for the Critz campaign): Mark Critz (D) 52, Keith Rothfus (R) 41

PA-12 (McLaughlin and Associates for the Rothfus campaign): Rep. Mark Critz (D) 38, Keith Rothfus (R) 38

UT-04 (Public Opinion Strategies for the Love campaign): Mia Love (R) 51, Rep. Jim Matheson (D) 36

A few thoughts, as always, await you just past the jump…

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