Cory Gardner’s many roles at the State Fair

Cory Gardner visits the fair as a politician, but as a young boy he visited it as a 4-H member — and a Stevie Wonder impersonator.
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3 comments to Cory Gardner’s many roles at the State Fair

  • JasonAnd1846
    August 30, 2012 at 11:49 am | Reply

    Why is it that we frequently vote for applicants like Cory Gardner Colorado ? I presume this is why we are up until now behind academically compared to the rest of the world. Let’s carry on and select immoral flip flopper in workplace in addition to think a thief aren’t going to be some sort of thief in office and then make a complaint any time items do not work out.

  • EdraJiggy1343
    August 31, 2012 at 8:12 pm | Reply

    This kind of i am sorry situation won’t modify right up until we’ve got taxpayer-financed federal government elections. Given that cash can get access in addition to ballots (from the quid-pro-quo of marketing campaign contributions = favorable votes), most of these large influence-peddling businesses are going to occur and become led by means of overpaid business owners, whether or not these people fail miserably. To help large companies, what’s a several zillion? It’s nothing in comparison to the windfall they might receive if they’d like to affect even one important vote for the Hill each year (or some other year). Homeowner donors involving moderate implies could well be better served by spending their particular donation money on their families, which may get smaller the excessive professional pay. Nearly all minds of the corporations are usually paid to raise dollars away person or maybe management and business lollipops up to they can be paid to successfully effect self-serving votes on the Incline. I hate Canada yet I think if Cory Gardner Colorado gets elected I could simply have to considered it a choice. Please do not vote for Cory Gardner Colorado .

  • RapKima1287
    September 2, 2012 at 12:05 am | Reply

    Your home continues to be the problem all year. That’s what happens when you let your own caucus become governed with a few political neophytes who know nothing beyond the ideological junk we were holding raised on simply by right mentoring media figures that if Cory Gardner Colorado can change his accounts enough times, then maybe Cory Gardner Colorado could acquire the voters to transform their minds too and also vote for Cory Gardner Colorado

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